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View of the City

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

My friends and I decided to have dinner overlooking the city skyline and then walked over to a scenic area where we took some pictures (all photos by Kevin von Puttkammer @scxtt_lxnd)

If you couldn't already tell, I have been into two-toned outfits lately. This one in particular is interesting because I took a black lace button up dress and wore it as a long vest.

Underneath the vest/dress, I wore a cropped lace camisole. I experimented with the lace on lace look for the first time and I loved the way it looked.

My friend, Jaesun, was moving to Korea so we wanted to spend her last night in NJ together.


Outfit Details...

Top: LF

Dress: All Saints *dress similar to the one I wore - both All Saints*

Jeans: Uniqlo

Sandals: Vince

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