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My Top 8 Favorite Trends of 2018

1. M I X I N G P A T T E R N S : One of my favorite trends this year was mixing patterns. It can easily add a lot of character to an outfit. Sometimes it is easiest to mix more subtle patterns with each other, like stars with gingham.

2. L E A T H E R : These leather pants have to be my favorite pants in my closet. I wore these so many times this year and I would wear them in so many different ways. Sometimes I went with the edgier look, or casual look, and other times I went with a classic look. Leather pants are such a versatile piece that everyone should have in their closet!

3. C A M I S O L E S & T - S H I R T S : If you know me, you know I love to layer. One of my favorite classic ways of layering is pairing a t-shirt with a camisole on top. This trend is my go-to when I can't think of what to wear because it is easy and stylish. It can be easily paired with a cute skirt or culottes.

4. M O N O C H R O M E : I loved the monochrome trend this year because it made picking out an outfit so much easier. Some of my favorite monochrome outfits were from the 4th of July, my trip to Alaska, and my day in the city.

5. S I L K : One of my favorite outfits from this year was my all silk-outfit that I wore to the airport in Rome. It was the perfect airport outfit because silk is super soft and comfortable - perfect for the long flight. My DVF blue silk shirt is also one of my favorite silk pieces because it is super festive and colorful.

6. P O L K A D O T S : Polkadots were a super girly trend this year. One of my favorite polkadot pieces in my wardrobe is this red mesh dress. There are so many ways I can experiment with this dress which makes it a fun piece to have in my closet.

7. B L A Z E R S : Blazers make any outfit look more put together and chic. This past year, I loved pairing my favorite vintage blazer with jeans, skirts, and dress pants.

8. C H E E T A H : Cheetah was a huge trend this year. I love this trend because there are so many variations of the cheetah pattern. I liked pairing my cheetah with solid colors, but also liked wearing my cheetah hat with some subtle patterns.

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