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The Recycled Dress

Most people don't think they'll ever wear their prom dresses again. I get it - it's hard to wear something so memorable, especially after the 500 pictures you took at pre-prom and all the social media posts about it. People will recognize the iconic dress you wore on the night of your prom, but why does that mean you can't wear it again?

When my junior prom came around, I had no idea what to wear. Girls were planning their dresses for months, but for me, I was scrambling last minute for the perfect one. I was going through my closet to see if there was anything that would work. I saw this dress - brand new with the tags still on it. I remember purchasing it months ago, but I never got the chance to wear it.

This past summer I went into the city and, again, had no idea what to wear. 4 years later and this dress was still sitting in my closet and hasn't been worn since my prom.

This is one of my favorite dresses because it can be easily dressed up or down. I especially love the tutu that flares out at the bottom with the tulle lining. The Broderie anglaise lace also changes throughout the dress, making it more unique.

To dress it down, I wore my Fiorucci x adidas sneakers with orange high socks to add some color to my outfit. I accessorized with my favorite summer purse, gold jewelry, and a pearl hair pin.

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