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The Best Way to Wear a Blazer This Summer

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

When I used to think of blazers, I would think of people going to their business meetings. But nowadays blazers have become a huge fashion trend regardless of where you work! Whether you wear it as a dress or jacket, there are so many creative ways to wear this classic piece.

I love this chic black and white blazer look. To make my blazer less structured, I wore it with a chain belt, choker-tube top, and a loose-hem pair of high waisted jeans.

The white jeans are the perfect contrast to the all-black top combination. My black and white platform sandals were also the perfect shoe for this two-toned outfit.

And because I love my jewelry, I wore my everyday summer accessories to complete my look.

It's so easy to pair a blazer with anything. It instantly makes any outfit look more sophisticated and fashionable! How do you wear your blazers?


Outfit Details...

Tube Top: LF

Blazer: Mom's old blazer from college *blazer similar to the one I wore*

Jeans: Uniqlo + Jeanne Bleu

Shoes: Vince

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