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Summery Greens

We finally made it to the summer. I just moved into my apartment in East Village where I'll be until my summer internship is over in August. I am so excited to be living in the city after being home for so long! It's nice to see that things are slowly going back to normal...

During my first weekend in the city, I went to the MoMa with my sister. I wore this bright green dress that I found at Cos during my trip to DC a few weeks earlier. I was drawn to this dress because I loved the bright color and I also didn't own anything this color in my closet. While the fabric is on the thicker side, the dress is still breathable enough to wear in the summer.

Since the dress is so simple, I had fun with the accessories. My mom recently gave me her pearl necklace and I have been wearing it every day since. I've been into layering it with my thicker gold necklace too. I also wore my go-to pearl hair pins - partly to pin my bangs back, but also to add some more accessories to my outfit.


Dress: Cos

Sneakers: Chanel

Earrings: Jenny Bird

Purse: grandma's vintage purse

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