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Summers in Iceland

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

At the end of the summer, my family and I went on a memorable trip to Iceland. The weather was beautiful and we saw amazing landscapes. It was nice being surrounded by so much nature after spending everyday in a busy city and getting ready to go back to school.

For most of the trip I did not need a jacket. Everyday I wore some sort of thick sweater or sweatshirt and a hat. A black sweatshirt was my go-to, especially because I knew I would be spending a lot of time outside.

I paired my black sweatshirt with my favorite track pants from Rag & Bone. These pants feel like pajama pants, but are super stylish. To match the red stripe running down the pants, I wore my Fiorucci x Adidas sneakers.

Hats always make a huge difference when you're cold. It's amazing how much warmer you become when your head is covered. I wore my mom's vintage cheetah hat which kept me warm and acted as a nice accessory.


Sweatshirt: Alexander Wang

Pants: rag & bone

Shoes: adidas x Fiorucci

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