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Summer Florals

To end my summer in NYC, my sister and I decided to enjoy a nice dinner together in West Village. We got super lucky and a last-minute table opened up at Don Angie.

To dinner, I wore my new Alice & Olivia dress. This dress is the same pattern as the maxi skirt I have, but in a different material. I love the detailing on this dress from the stripes to the printed tulle sleeves. I was so excited to finally get to wear this dress after it had been sitting in my closet for the entire summer!

To add to my girly look for the night, I accessorized with my pearl hair clips and my Chloe purse. These new sandals have also been a summer staple of mine. I love the thick gold strap that goes across the shoe and they added a little edginess to my outfit.


Dress: Alice & Olivia

Shoes: Prada

Purse: Chloe

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