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Ruffles on Ruffles

We went from London to Amsterdam, where we enjoyed the scenic canals and cute townhouses.

Today I wore my favorite fur jacket from Alice + Olivia. The ruffle detailing throughout the jacket is super cute and it kept me warm for the cold day.

Under the jacket, I wore my sparkly ruffle turtleneck dress I purchased in Amsterdam. The ruffles on the jacket perfectly complemented the ruffles on the dress.

I finished the look with my favorite leather pants by Dante 6, a brand from Amsterdam. These leather pants are so versatile and can instantly enhance any outfit.

As for shoes, I decided to wear my snakeskin boots to go along with the grayscale outfit.

Today, we visited the 3 museums. At the Anne Frank House we got to see where the families spent two years in hiding. In the Rijksmuseum we saw paintings from Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Vermeer. And finally, in the Heineken Museum, we got to experience how their beers are made from start to finish.


Outfit Details...

Jacket: Alice + Olivia

Dress: NIKKIE (dress similar to one shown - both by NIKKIE)

Pants: DANTE 6

Shoes: Nordstrom

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