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Orange & Gold

If you know me, you know that orange is my favorite color.

It was one of my last weekends in NYC before heading back to school and I decided to wear an all-orange ensemble for my shopping day in Soho.

Accessories make a huge difference to your outfit. When I am choosing what accessories to wear to complete my look, I first think about the vibe and color palette that I am wearing. Since gold and orange complement each other nicely, I accessorized with gold jewelry, my gold purse, and my gold pearl chain belt. I even switched out the chain on my purse to match the orange in my outfit. Small accessories can really elevate your look.

I found this AMAZING belt at a random flea market near Madison Square Park. I was on my weekend walk and I came across this alley with all these amazing vendors. I saw this pearl chain belt at the bottom of a huge pile and I bought it right away. It is the perfect accessory!


Top: Mango

Shorts: Theory

Belt: flea market

Sneakers: Chanel

Purse: grandma's vintage purse

Earrings: Jenny Bird

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