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Next Stop: GWU

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

College Decision Day was just around the corner and I had nothing to wear; all I had was one shirt from my school.

I wanted to make something for Decision Day, so I took an old pair of denim shorts and turned it into a denim skirt! It was super easy to make and one of my favorite skirts.

All the patches added to the skirt were either gold or navy blue, my school's colors. I also had a cherry blossom patch lying around, which perfectly represented Washington D.C.'s famous Cherry Blossom Festival.

I paired my look with a gold and green thin studded belt. While green isn't one of my school's colors, I thought it would be the perfect accent to my one-of-a-kind denim skirt.

Some friends also asked me to make them something for Decision Day, so I patched, distressed, and studded these jean skirts and jeans.


Outfit Details...

Top: GWU Campus Store

Belt: J.Crew

Sneakers: Alexander McQueen

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