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Nail Inspiration

You can never go wrong with a classic solid manicure, but sometimes it's fun to get creative with your nails and switch it up. Whether you're traveling for vacation or attending a friend's party, get inspiration for your next nail look.

1. Gold Beads

I recently got a nail kit with different beads and jewels. One of my favorite decals in the kit are these small gold beads. I first painted the base of my nails a light pink. Then I took a darker pink and created abstract blobs over my nails. Next, I took tweezers to carefully placed each gold bead along the edge of the abstract shapes. This was definitely time consuming but it was worth it!

2. Two-Toned Patterns

This nail look was inspired by this GANNI dress that I recently purchased. I realized that I had all the same nail polish colors that were in this dress and just had fun with the designs. I didn't have a plan as I was doing this nail art - I just went with whatever I was feeling for each nail.

3. Cuticle French

I love how delicate these nails turned out. I first painted the base of my nails a sheer pink and then I added silver and gold beads along the cuticles. Pro tip: when you're working with small beads, use sharp tweezers to place each bead in its spot! Also make sure you seal each design with top coat to make sure the beads stay in place.

4. Funky French

My nails were SUPER long and it was the perfect opportunity for me to do a fun french design. First, I picked my color palette and then did whatever designs I felt looked best. I think my favorites from this nail look are the cherries and the clouds.

Which nail look is your favorite?

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