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My Cozy Farmhouse

After binge-watching Fixer Upper the entire summer, I was inspired to design my new room into my very own cozy farmhouse. When I think of the farmhouse style, I imagine a warm and inviting space: exactly what I was going for.

My headboard was a DIY project. We got my wooden headboard customized to fit the wall unit, and then my mom and I embraced our inner Chip and Joanna Gaines as we hand-stained the wood white. The white wall unit was in the basement of my old house, but my sister gave me the great idea of turning it into part of my headboard.

The theme of my old room was silver and white, so when I wanted to change it to silver, brass, and white, I bought spray paint to cover some of the silver decor in my room. It was an easy and affordable fix to my problem!

I had also found the perfect wooden brass table for flowers and a good book!

I needed something to fill the shelves of the wall unit, so I added these perfect brass decorations to accent my room. The white wooden frames on my wall also have bronze accents, and the starburst mirrors were spray painted to match!

It's super important to have comfortable seating in your room for when your friends come over, or when you want to relax and read a good book.

These metallic pillows were perfect for my seating area! I also have two different kinds of throw blankets over the upholstered chairs to make the chairs look and feel cozier.

Finding the perfect light fixture is extremely important when designing a room. This antique chandelier is exactly what I was looking for in a light fixture; I especially love the how the brass looks when the light is on or off.

I couldn't imagine my room looking any different than it does right now. Thanks to the ideas of my sister and the help from my mom, I now have a cozy farmhouse of my own.

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