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Ketch Me If You Kan

Updated: Aug 8, 2018

From Seattle, we quickly traveled to Ketchikan, Alaska. As soon as we arrived, we walked around and browsed the native jewelry collections and art galleries downtown.

From the navy grid-patterned pants to the intricate baby blue sweater, there is a lot going on in this outfit. But, as you know, I love to mix and match different styles and I especially love this outfit for that specific reason.

This sweater has so many details...if you look closely you can see the shock chord woven into the knit. Its light weight and bright color also make it my favorite summer sweater this season!

In Ketchikan, my family and I took a boat ride around George Inlet Bay. The water was so beautiful and we got to see bald eagles, crabs, and seals on our excursion.


Outfit Details...

Sweater: rag & bone

Pants: Uniqlo

Shoes: Alexander McQueen

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