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Horseback Riding in the Ocean

I always look forward to going on excursions whenever I'm on vacation because you get to experience a whole different part of the country. During this trip, we decided to choose horseback riding as our excursion. After we were assigned to our horses, our journey started with a ride through a quaint and colorful town and straight into the forest.

Once we made it to the beach, we got to ride our horses straight into the ocean. We were surrounded by beautiful mountains and crystal clear water, and the horses were so sweet and well-behaved during the entire ride. It was truly an unforgettable experience!

For my horseback riding outfit, I opted for my ONIA cactus bathing suit with a high-low skirt over it. I remember the days when the high-low skirt was the big trend, and after putting this skirt on after years of not wearing it, I remembered just how much I love it. Will the high-low skirt make a comeback?

The details on this bathing suit are everything. The colorful and extravagant pattern paired with the swimsuit cut make this one piece extremely flattering. I accessorized my look with a beaded shell purse, tortoise sunglasses, and my many necklaces and bracelets.


Bathing Suit: ONIA

Skirt: Vintage Havana

Purse: Beacon's Closet

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