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Hawaii in January

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Over Christmas break, my parents booked a 10 day trip to Hawaii. Our first stop was in Oahu for two days before we left for the Big Island. It was so nice to escape the rain at home and be able to relax in the sun and explore what the island had to offer.

I was super excited to wear my new bathing suit from Agua by Agua Bendita - a Colombian bathing suit brand that handcrafts each bathing suit. I fell in love with the style and pattern of the suit and it is extremely well made.

For my beach day look, I wore my go-to white skirt and accessorized with a straw hat, straw bag, and my favorite beachy necklace.

On our trip we visited Volcano National Park, Hilo, and Kona - along the way we also stopped at a bunch of farmers markets and look outs. Our favorite things to buy from the farmers markets were the rambutans, longans, and papayas.

There were countless picturesque scenes driving through the island, especially as we were driving through Mauna Kea at sunset where it felt like we were driving through the clouds.


Bathing suit: Agua by Agua Bendita

Necklace: Chan Luu (similar to the one pictured)

Hat: J.Crew

Wicker Purse: flea market (similar to one pictured)

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