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Gov Ball #youredoinggreat

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

I was so excited for Gov Ball this year because some of my favorite artists and bands were performing!

I went for a cool outfit knowing that it would be extra hot once we got to the music festival. I wore my tube top with a built in choker and my most comfortable pair of black flowy shorts. The best part about these shorts is that it looks like a skirt!

To give my outfit more personality, I wore my mesh Zara top with ruffled sleeves. It was the perfect shirt because it barely felt like I was wearing anything over my tube top! Another fun part about my outfit was my black high top converse that I bleached myself. The bleach created a cool orange design on my sneakers once they were done drying.

Banks was one of my favorite performances, but there were so many other amazing artists there too (including Local Natives, Childish Gambino, and so much more)!


Outfit Details...

Mesh Top: Zara

Tube Top: LF

Shoes: Converse

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