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George IV Launch Party

As a way to celebrate the launch and publication of our fourth issue of George, the GWFBA family hosted a launch party at the end of the school year.

It was such a special night for me. After 4 years of being part of the GW Fashion & Business Association, and 3 years of being the lead designer of the magazine, it was my last event to celebrate the accomplishments of my amazing team.

I knew I had to wear a special piece to celebrate such a memorable accomplishment, so I pulled one of my most treasured pieces in my wardrobe: a GANNI dress. I know, shocker.

This was my first time wearing this dress because I had been saving it for something really special. I wore it with my leather Chanel heeled boots and silver sequin purse.

Special shoutout to my entire GWFBA team for making this event possible. I am so grateful for the amazing friends I've made during the last 4 years in this organization and the lifelong memories that I will remember forever.

President signing off... Xoxo


Dress: GANNI

Boots: Chanel (similar to ones worn)


Read the latest issue of George.

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