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Shirt as a Skirt

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

After a brutally hot and humid summer, the weather finally started cooling down. Over fall break I visited my sister in NYC, where we spent time shopping and eating (a lot). The weather was so nice and I could finally start wearing my sweaters.

Turtlenecks are one of my favorite wardrobe staples. They keep you warm and can be great layering pieces too. Today I wore my ribbed lavender cashmere turtleneck which perfectly complemented my purple sparkly skirt.

When I saw this skirt I knew I had to get it because it has such an interesting concept. The whole skirt is made out of a shirt and it is meant to look like there's a shirt wrapped around my waist. I also love the patent leather lace up detailing at the top, especially next to the sparkly purple fabric.

This was one of those pieces that I knew I could not pass up. I love finding clothing items that are so unique because they become staples in your wardrobe.

To go along with the patent leather detailing on the skirt, I wore my favorite black boots from All Saints. I wore all black accessories because of the colorful sweater and extremely sparkly skirt.


Sweater: Saks Fifth Avenue Cashmere

Skirt: Faith Connexion (similar to the ones pictured - both Faith Connexion)

Boots: AllSaints

Purse: Saint Laurent

Sunglasses: Chanel

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