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A Look Into My Closet

With my new room came my dream closet. Because I love organizing, I was so excited to start putting my new closet together.

My walk-in closet has a very specific order to it. My clothes are first hung up in rainbow order, then sleeve length, and then thickness. This system is extremely effective when trying to find an outfit for any weather condition, or if you are set on wearing a certain color outfit one day!

In this section of my closet, I have my greys and blacks. Behind it, I hang my skirts in rainbow order...and behind that, I hang all my work-in-progress Jeanne Bleu pieces!

My all-time favorite collection is none other than my denim collection. I have a pile for my light wash denim, dark wash denim, and then my black denim/leather pants. Then of course I need to have my Jeanne Bleu denim together, so I keep that in the top right corner of the collection. Other piles of pants include my flowy shorts, denim shorts, and workout pants.

Clothes that don't need to be hung up are folded in piles. In these piles I have: athletic tops, athletic bottoms, cover-ups, tank tops, camisoles, short sleeve shirts, quarter sleeve shirts, and long sleeve shirts! I found that organizing my tops by type has been the easiest way for me to find what I am looking for.

Starting with the top shelf I have long sleeve shirts (left) and then short sleeve shirts (right). Moving down one level, I have my tank tops (left) and crop tops (right). The largest section is my athletic section, with skorts and skirts (left) and all of my athletic tops (right). At the very bottom, I store my long sleeve athletic tops (left) and cover ups (right). And of course my jacket collection follows the same pattern as my other clothing items.

In my closet I like to keep some of my shoes that I don't wear everyday. This way, I have a place to store my shoes instead of waiting for all my shoes to pile up by the front door!

I also need a place to store my backpacks and purses, so I have them hung up on these hooks that go along the back wall of my closet. I have the bags in a way for me to be able to see what I can choose from.

I LOVE jewelry, so of course I needed a jewelry section in my closet! I have my headbands in the glass candy jar, and necklaces hanging in the glass container. My bulkier earrings and jewelry are hung up on the jewelry stand so it is easier for me to access.

Before entering my closet, I have my mirrored vanity where I keep my everyday jewelry, makeup, and perfume.

To add more personality to my closet, I took my favorite ads from a magazine, made my own frames, and displayed them on an empty wall.

And to keep the farmhouse theme going, I have a light-washed wooden full-length mirror.

Because there is so much space in my closet, the other side of my closet stores some of my parents' clothes and sister's clothes.

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