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Dinner Outfit Inspiration: Winter Edition

Going out to dinner is one of my favorite weekend activities. I love getting dressed up to enjoy the evening with good food and company. Need inspiration for your next girls dinner? I got you covered...

This outfit is one of my favorites from the winter season. It checks off all of the necessary boxes: warm, comfortable, and stylish.

When getting ready for dinner in the winter months, the key is to wear layers. For this look in particular, I layered my sweater vest over a black long sleeve and I also wore thicker tights under my ruffled shorts.

After making sure you're in something comfortable and warm, it's time to have fun with your accessories. To compliment the sparkly buttons on my sweater vest, I wore a sparkly belt, fun silver earrings, and embellished black high socks.

I chose to wear my embellished pearl and silver purse that matched the rest of the silver detailing throughout my look. When I'm not sure which accessories to choose, I pick one element of the outfit that I want to highlight and base my accessories off of it. For this outfit, I wanted to highlight the silver buttons on my sweater vest so I decided to wear all silver accessories.


Sweater Vest: GANNI

Long Sleeve: Club Monaco

Shorts: Nordstrom

Socks: Calzedonia

Boots: All Saints

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