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Caribbean Colors

I was so excited to get to wear my new Oceanus bathing suit on this trip. This bold bikini set is perfect for any beach vacation. It is a velvet material with gold embellished flowers throughout.

Oceanus is a UK-based swimsuit-centric company known for their embellished and beaded bathing suits. Each swimsuit is custom made to order!

To accessorize, I wore a beautiful crochet cover up and my go-to blue shell beaded mini purse. To compliment the gold accents on my swimsuit, I finished the look off with my Prada white and gold sandals.

My ideal cover up will always be a simple dress - so easy to throw on or take off when you're at the beach. I love knitted cover ups especially because you can still see part of your swimsuit through the knit!

I'm also never afraid to put on too many necklaces - most of these necklaces I made by myself! They are so fun to make and you can easily customize whatever necklace stack you want to wear that day.


Bathing Suit: Oceanus

Cover Up: Anthropologie (photo similar to one worn)

Sandals: Prada

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