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Blazer Vision

Being in NYC everyday this summer inspired me to design my own blazer after seeing so many young professionals styling their work attire in different ways. Since this blazer trend started, it has become more popular to wear the classic clothing item with jeans, boots, and belts, not your usual dress pants and loafers.

I wanted to do something different - I had a vision for my design to incorporate two of my wardrobe essentials: blazers and belts. After work one day I purchased a blazer and visited my favorite trimming store in the Garment District, Pacific Trimming, to get the materials I needed for the belt. I bought a belt buckle and 5 different silver chains to work with.

The blazer I designed allows for the belt to wrap around the outside of only half of the blazer. I made a drooping belt by linking 3 of my favorite chains with a striking silver industrial buckle.

The blazer can be worn with any belt as well. It is a versatile piece in that it also doesn't even have to be worn with a belt at all.

The two pieces can also be worn separately. I often loop the belt through my favorite pair of high waisted denim. It is a statement piece in my wardrobe and makes for the perfect accessory if my outfit needs a little something.

I styled the blazer with my All Saints zebra top over a lacy Free People dress. To go along with silver accessories, I wore my favorite silver purse as well.

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