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Avignon ---> Cannes

Updated: Jul 13, 2018

After spending a night in Avignon, we left for Cannes the next morning.

For the day I put on my chambray jumpsuit and my most comfortable pair of white sneakers.

We spent some time walking around Avignon for the last time before leaving for Cannes.

I love this jumpsuit because the material is so thin that it almost feels like you're not wearing anything. I also love the bootcut and the built-in denim belt to synch at your waist.

Once we got to Cannes, we walked around the beach and got to see the silhouette of the mountains. It was too cold to go into the water, but the view was amazing.


Outfit Details...

Jumpsuit: LF *jumpsuits similar to the one I wore*

Sneakers: Ash

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