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All White

Before leaving for college, my friends and I spent one last day in the city together.

(Photos by Kevin von Puttkammer - for more follow @scxtt_lxnd)

I wore my versatile mesh top with a baby blue and white leopard bustier camisole over it. To add more detail to my outfit, I wore my all-time favorite chain belt. The silver studs on my sneakers perfectly complemented the silver belt!

This exhibit was one of my favorites, showcasing a hallway of LED lights.

With Labor Day approaching, I wanted to take every opportunity to wear all of my white articles of clothing.

During our city day, my friends and I walked around SoHo to shop and eat.

We also came across a row of exhibits along Canal Street.


Outfit Details...

Top: Aritzia *same top, different pattern*

Jeans: Uniqlo & Jeanne Bleu

Sneakers: Ash

Bag: Louis Vuitton

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