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A "Reflection" of My Sophomore Year Fits

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Sophomore year came to an unexpected end this past week, but I hope everyone has been staying healthy and safe during this unfortunate time!

Throughout the school year I would send outfit pictures to my mom and my sister in the morning for fashion advice or just to show them what outfit I put together that day. After scrolling through my camera roll a few days ago, I was reminded of these photos and decided to share some of my favorite outfits with you guys!

A lot of people ask me if I plan my outfits the night before. The answer is no. I never like to plan my outfit in advance because I never know what kind of mood I will be in that morning. Whether I'm in the mood to wear a skirt with a blouse or a pair of leather pants with a blazer, picking out my outfit is one of my favorite parts of the day... so I like to save that for the morning!

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